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سلمان شلهوب
  • Born in Baghdad 1945.

  • 1961- 1968 studied art at the fine arts institute and the academy of fine art, Baghdad.

  • Member of the international association of the plastic art of Unisco (JAAP) in Paris.

  • Member of Arab plastic artist union.

  • Member of the syndicate and the association of Iraq, Jordanian, Qatari and Lebanese artists.

  • The chairman of the portrayal section in Baghdad and ex- lecturer in Baghdad arts academy.

  • He has a large object in Baghdad international airport, Basra international airport, the great festival plaza and many other places.

  • He has a section show in the international museum of modern arts in Baghdad.

  • He has a work of art in Washington- USA.

  •  He has a work of art in Qatar museum.

  • He has a work of art in the national Jordanian museum.

  • He has a work of art in Joseph Broz tito in Yugoslavia.

  • He has a work of art in sharja museum.

    Private Collections

  •  He has a work of art in his  majesty  Abdullah al thane the kink of Jordan.

  •  He has a work of art in her majesty in queen rania al- Abdullah collection.

  •  He has a work of art in zain al- abideen bin ali the president of tunis republic collection.

  • He has a work of art in the president of Dominican Republic (hipolito mejia) and the ex- president (leonal Fernandez) collection.

  • He has a work of art in her highness the princess zein bint al- hussien.

  • He has a work of art in Khafeer Beris diciolar the ex- secretary of the united nation; he was selected by Unisco (the international association) to represent Iraq in the international exhibition in 1986 on the fortieth anniversary of founding the unisco.

  • And he has privet works in the in / outside the country (Iraq).

    Participations in abroad exhibitions

  • 1976 the former Soviet Union.

  • 1979 kaan sourmeer- France.

  • 1984 Berlin.

  • 1985 roving Europe.

  • 1998 a common exhibition in Hyatt regency hotel in Detroit- USA.

  • 1998 a common exhibition in Damascus auditorium- Syria.

  • 1998 a common exhibition in the Iraq colony center in London.

  • 1999 an Arabic common exhibition in Hamouraby- amman.

    Participations in international exhibitions
    The most important were:

  • 1980 the Arab gulf Doha- Qatar.

  • 1983 the Arab Benaly in Kuwait (the golden sail prize).

  • 1986 the roving unisco (UK, U.S.S.R, Japan, USA).

  • 1986 the first international Baghdad benaly of plastic art.

  • 1990 Asian European Ankara benaly.

  • 1996 sharja international benaly of plastic art.

  • 2001 sharja benaly for Islamic art.

  • 2002 the second sharja benaly for Islamic art.

  • 2002 the third Baghdad international benaly of plastic art (reward of the benaly).
    2002 expo- Beirut international exhibition
    Personal Exhibitions

  • 1965, 1992, 1966 Baghdad.

  • 1994, 1999 Amman.

  • 1997 Manama- Bahrain.

  • 2001, 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970 Riyadh.

  • 200- 2004 Doha- Qatar.

  • 2000 Cairo- Egypt.

  • 2004 Dominica- Dominican republic.

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