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Afifa Aleiby


    Name: Afifa Aleiby
    Category: Painter
    Period: Seventies

    Afifa Aleiby was born in Basra-Iraq . She has lived and studied
    in Moscow and as a result the influence of the Soviet Realism
    filters through to an extent . However , her more recent works
    are intrinsically akin to unearthly metaphysics and narrative
    enchantment . The use of the palette tending toward bleu tones
    eliminates any sense of pedestrian descriptiveness . Her female
    figures in tunics like royal robes have a dignified pride and
    the air of an Oriental fable .A deliberate ingeniousness gives
    them an intriguing appearance of wonder and irony .
    Givanni Carandente
    Italian historic and critic of art

    • 1953 - Born in Basra - Iraq

    • 1974 - Diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts - Baghdad - Iraq .

    • 1971-74 -Worked as an illustrator for the newspaper
      “Tarik Al Shaab“ Baghdad -Iraq 1981

    • 1981 -Diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts -Surikov - Moscow - USSR .

    Two paintings being held by the Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad .
    Member of The United Artist in Iraq. Member of The Iraqi Journalist’s
    Trade Union . Member of The Bond of Democratic Artists ,Writers,
    journalists of Iraq . Had been teaching for many years on The Institute of Fine Art in Aden - Yemen .


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